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TWFC 38 yrs
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T.W.F.C. Divine Favor Praise Team


Keyboard: Michael Gutierrez

Keyboard: Gloria Gutierrez

Bass: Ernest Quinonez

Electric Guitar: Andrew Ramirez

Drums: Chris Scheidegger

Audio & Visual Media 
Richie Saldivar
Jose Luis Llanes
Gabriel Quiñonez
Ava Llanes
Mary Ramirez

 Tish Saldivar
Eva Quinonez
 Dina Gutierrez
Gloria Gutierrez
Vanessa Violante

Praise Team Leadership

Music Pastor / Music Director - Michael Gutierrez
Administrative Lead / Vocal Director - Tish Saldivar
Rhythm Director - Chris Scheidegger
Audio & Visual Media Director - Richie Saldivar

(Psalm 32:11, MSG)  
"Celebrate God. Sing together - everyone!
All you honest hearts, raise the roof!"

John 4:24 MSG which says
“Those who worship him must do it out of their very being, 
their spirits, their true selves, 
in adoration.” 


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